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The Adult Drug Court is a voluntary program supervised by the Douglas County District Court and funded by county and state funds.

The Drug Court allows eligible defendants, referred by the Douglas County Attorney, to earn a dismissal of their current felony charge(s) in exchange for successfully completing an approximate 18-24 month program.

The Adult Drug Court serves a client population residing in the metropolitan Omaha area as well as in several smaller, surrounding communities.

The Drug Court’s objective is to divert non-violent, substance-abusing felony offenders from incarceration to a judicially supervised program of substance abuse treatment, case-management activities, and educational and employment objectives.

A reduction in substance abuse is intended to lead to a decrease in the commission of drug-related criminal offenses and, correspondingly, a reduction of the offender incarceration costs incurred by state and local government entities.

The Drug Court’s ultimate goal is to restore each Drug Court participant to productive citizenry in the community.

No individual is excluded from the Drug Court program on the basis of race; gender; ethnicity or national origin; or sexual orientation.

For National Drug Court information & resources please click on the following link. www.nadcp.org

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