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How to apply to Drug Court

If the eligibility criteria are met and the participant wishes to apply for admission into the Adult Drug Court Program, the first step is to consult with a Defense Attorney immediately. The Defense Attorney will then need to consult with the County Attorney and if approved, the appropriate petition requesting admission will then need to be filled out. In addition to the petition, a plea hearing will need to be arranged with one of the specific four Adult Drug Court Judges, rotation schedule can be obtained by calling the Douglas County District Court Administrator’s Office, ph. 402-444-7004. The Adult Drug Court Judge sitting the bench at the time of the plea will instruct counsel and defendant from there.

Admission Petition

The following petition is the current form to be used when applying for admission to the Douglas County Adult Drug Court. Keep in mind that these forms are to be filled out in their entirety, signed and presented at the time of the plea. These forms are frequently altered, so make sure to check back to this particular website for the most up to date form. Petition Requesting Admission into the Adult Drug Court

Please be aware that the defendant, by entering a guilty plea on his or her charge(s), will not automatically be admitted into the Drug Court program. Final eligibility status will be determined by the Adult Drug Court Judge, County Attorney, and Drug Court Team. A plea of guilty must be entered to initiate the admission process. If all goes accordingly, a defendant should expect to be admitted within a 14 day period from the date of their plea hearing.


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