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The Douglas County Adult Drug Court and the Douglas County District Court is committed to excellence, providing the highest quality care for its participants, engaging in collaborations with existing community organizations, and demonstrating analysis of the cost benefits, recidivism and treatment outcomes among Drug Court participants. This effort is conducted to continually improve and develop appropriate treatment alternatives within the context of the therapeutic jurisprudence.

The following studies have been conducted by independent organizations. Click on the corresponding links to view desired studies.


Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Targeted Capacity Expansion Grant (TCE)

The Douglas County Adult Drug Court was awarded in May of 2002 a 1.5 million dollar three year grant to expand residential treatment access for stimulant dependent Drug Court participants. The independent evaluator for this SAMHSA award was the Institute for Social and Economic Development (ISED).

  1. TCE Study Year 1 - PDF
  2. TCE Study Year 2 - PDF
  3. TCE Study Year 3 - PDF

University of Nebraska Omaha-Criminal Justice Department

Douglas County District Court commissioned a study to perform a cost benefit analysis and recidivism rates analysis represented in the Douglas County Adult Drug Court population. Below are the studies and/or related links.

  1. Cost benefit analysis - PDF
  2. Recidivism analysis - PDF

University of Nebraska Omaha DCADC Final Report

  1. DCADC Final Report 10-01.pdf


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