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A: Who is eligible for the Adult Drug Court?

  1. Candidate charged with a felony offense that is either directly/indirectly related to a substance dependent lifestyle.
  2. Candidate whose Counsel contacts the County Attorney’s Office within ten (10) weeks post arrest for the initial screen and approval; Undergo a pre plea screening process at the Drug Court office and be determined High Risk/High Need; ultimately approved by the Drug Court Judge.
  3. Candidate must enter a guilty plea in front of a District Court Judge to the charged offense(s); admit to having a substance dependent problem, and agree to complete all requested Drug Court expectations.


B: Who is ineligible for the Adult Drug Court?

  1. If one’s admitting charge is violent, such as: Murder, Manslaughter, Robbery, Felony Assault(s), Sexual Assault, and any gun related charges or Terroristic Threats.
  2. Not eligible for admission if candidate has any felony convictions for the felonies listed in B: 1. If any of the felonies listed in B: 1 above are older than ten (10) years, than candidate maybe eligible at the discretion of the County Attorney and Drug Court Team
  3. Candidate has multiple felony convictions.
  4. Current documented and or known gang involvement.
  5. Distributing narcotics charges, involving large amounts of narcotics and or money (essentially indicating selling narcotics for reasons aside from supporting personal habit).
  6. Multiple prior misdemeanor convictions for crimes against a person; Resisting Arrest, Assaulting a Law Enforcement Officer, Flight to Avoid Arrest or Weapons.
  7. Candidate has any unresolved restitution.
  8. Candidate has active warrants.
  9. Multiple pending felony charges.
  10. If the candidate has graduated from any previous problem solving court.

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