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Participants will be charged a monthly program fee of $50.00. The monthly charge begins to accrue the first full month following Drug Court orientation date and every month there after up to commencement. The Drug Court participant has the entire month with which to payoff that current months charges (with the exception of their commencing month). Fees are expected to be paid on time to the Clerk of the District Court, 3rd floor, Hall of Justice at the cashier’s window. It is the participant’s duty to get a receipt of payment and check for its accuracy. Each week in Drug Court the judge will ask for any receipts.

Each time a payment is made at the Clerk’s Office, a Drug Court payment form must accompany each payment. Payment forms can only be obtained at the Drug Court Office during a scheduled office visit with one’s Case Supervisor and/or from Drug Court staff at one of the many Drug Court hearings.


Drug Screening Fees

Participants will also be charged a fee of $10.00 for each positive urinalysis. Participants are expected to stop the use of all mood-altering chemicals, to include but not limited to alcohol; illegal drugs and non-approved prescription medication. Failure to stop the use of these chemicals or having remnants of these chemicals in ones body, at the point of Drug Court orientation, will result in a $10.00 charge. This same $10.00 charge will also be assessed if the urine specimen supplied is determined to be diluted or tampered with in any way, to include but not limited to leakage in transit; spilled sample; out right or passive refusal to supply a urine sample at the time of request; faulty threaded lid.

Participants who fail to show for random drug screening appointments will also be subject to a $10.00 charge.


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