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Phase I encompasses the timeframe from Drug Court admission to roughly the timeframe when a participant completes formal treatment services, and has acquired Drug Court approved employment. During this phase, participants are seen weekly for case supervision with their Drug Court Case Supervisor and undergo random urinalysis screenings. Also in Phase I participants can expect to attend self help support groups at least four times weekly, and appear before the Drug Court Judge on a weekly basis.

In addition, each Drug Court participant will be expected to attend transition classes, (in-house pre-treatment courses provided by the Drug Court Counseling personnel). These classes meet for one hour, one time a week until formal treatment is under way. These courses provide a general outline of Drug Court expectations, and somewhat prepare the participant for treatment services that will be fourth coming.

Phase I is traditionally where most of the participants will undergo a chemical dependency evaluation.

Phase I can last 3-6 months depending on how long participants are in their initial treatment placement, and whether or not, the participants test positive for specific mood altering chemicals. A participant can also be placed back into a Phase I status even after they have initially successfully moved out of it. This placement back to a Phase I status may result due to the participant being issued a sanction by the Drug Court Judge due to continued drug use, new misdemeanor or felony charges, and/or additional treatment services being warranted.


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