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The Douglas County Drug Court utilizes various sanctions or consequences which are intended to provide program participants with appropriate learning experiences designed for furthering their social and cognitive awareness and skill building. 

These sanctions are imposed by the Drug Court Judge for infractions such as failure to appear in Drug Court when assigned; missing appointments with the Treatment Coordinator, Treatment Provider; Drug Court Case Supervisor; re-arrests; tampering with and/or gaming in anyway the drug screening process and being dishonest, to mention a few.

Participants who have (consistently) positive; abnormally dilute; tampered with; or refused drug screens can expect to have one or more of the following sanctions imposed as a condition of their continued involvement in the Drug Court:

  1. Increased frequency of drug screens/office visits
  2. Fee assessment of $10.00 for every positive, tampered, dilute or no show to a random drug screen
  3. Re-evaluation of treatment level by the Drug Court Treatment Coordinator
  4. Weekly attendance at the Drug Court sessions
  5. Remain at the Drug Court session for the entire session
  6. Bond revocation/jail sentence to some degree

Participants who fail to comply with treatment and other Drug Court requirements, such as keeping treatment, court, and office appointments can expect that their bond will be revoked and jail/confinement will be ordered. Failure to show in Drug Court or for treatment and/or office appointments can also result in an arrest order being issued. Once a participant has been arrested on a Drug Court arrest order and the Drug Court office has been notified, transportation will be arranged from the Douglas County personnel so that the participant can appear before the Drug Court Judge. At this hearing, the judge may cancel the arrest order and reinstate or continue the original bond so the participant can be released from custody to resume his/her Drug Court involvement, or possibly terminate the individual’s participation in Drug Court.


Offender Work Program

The Douglas County Adult Drug Court has implemented a program sanction and learning experience for participants which is called the Offender Work Program (OWP).

OWP is a sanction for participants who are not attending activities as required, or adhering to the terms and conditions of the Drug Court Program Agreement. It is another option for participants to demonstrate their willingness to remain in the Drug Court. 

The Offender Work Program is a city established and maintained program that operates in collaboration with the Douglas County Department of Corrections to provide men and women an opportunity to give back to their community. The Offender Work Program is where individuals perform supervised work/tasks with the City Parks and Recreation Department, on various days of the week (Monday – Saturday), hours are assigned individually as needed. Sign-up for OWP hours is supervised by Douglas County Department of Corrections.


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