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Again, many are available; these are some favorites many parents have suggested; let us know if you have some suggested additions.

Mom's House, Dad's House, Isolina Ricci, MacMillan Publishing, 1980, also in paperback, one of the best "investments" you could make! Ms. Ricci is a former therapist, now Director of the California Family Mediation Office, and really knows the difficult emotional issues divorcing couples face in coping with their own feelings, severing the spousal relationship, and learning to cooperate with each other in post-divorce parenting. . She encourages the sharing of parental rights and responsibilities following divorce, for the sake of the children, and offers model parenting agreements for divorcing parents. Terrific in the coverage of both adult emotions and single parenting. If you're only going to read one book, make it this one.

Vicki Lansky's Divorce Book for Parents -Helping Your Children Cope With Divorce and Its Aftermath is also a very handy book with an extremely good Table of Contents leading you to chapters dealing with emotional, financial, legal and parental issues. An easy reference beginning with telling the children, and following through to choosing a lawyer, mediation, post divorce issues and parental communications this is also a very good reference book for parents.

Dinosaurs Divorce - A guide For Changing Families, Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown, Little Brown & Company, 1986, $4.95. Covers why parents divorce, having two homes, after the divorce, feelings kids have about divorce, celebrating holidays and special occasions, telling friends, meeting parents' new friends. This is a brightly illustrated book full of situations to which children can relate, and can stimulate children into talking about their divorce related feelings.

It's Not Your Fault, Koko Bear - This is a wonderful book for children and their parents to read together. The book takes Koko through many situations children face as they begin going back and forth between their parents' homes and trying to understand divorce and its impact for them. There are notes at the bottom of the pages to parents explaining typical feelings and situations children experience as KoKo acts them out. Also available in Spanish as No Es Tu Culpa KoKo Oso.


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