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On May 29, 2019, the Nebraska Supreme Court approved the following rule amendments to “Rule 4–3. Domestic Relations Cases” of the local district court rules of the Fourth Judicial District:
District 4
Rules of the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District
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Rule 4–3. Domestic relations cases
B. Referee Exceptions. Except for contempt matters taken without delay to the district court from a hearing before a child-support referee, e Exceptions to the findings and recommendations of the referee shall be filed, along with a demand for a hearing before the district court, within five (5) days of the referee's announcement of, or, in cases in which the matter is taken under advisement, within fourteen (14) days of the filing of, the referee's report. A copy of such the exception(s), along with and a notice of further hearing before the district court judge to whom the matter has been assigned pursuant to Rule 4–12 A, shall be served upon the opposing party or parties (and counsel). Upon receiving the findings and recommendations of the referee, and a transcript of the hearing, the district court shall conduct a review on the report of the referee and, in the court's discretion, may ratify or modify the recommendations of the referee and enter judgment based on such recommendations, with the rights of appeal and to move for rehearing reserved to all parties.
The party filing the exceptions shall promptly deliver a copy of the exception(s) to the courtroom to which the matter has been assigned pursuant to Rule 4–12 A. The certificate of readiness procedure shall not apply in such cases.
NE ORDER 19-0015
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2019 NEBRASKA COURT ORDER 0015 (C.O. 0015)

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